Friday, August 5, 2011

My journey, in photos

Again, this is not a weight-loss blog. But it's obvious that health and fitness go hand-in-hand. And I thought that showing photos of my journey will allow you to get a better sense of where my life has taken me in terms of health, and why I started this blog. This is especially for those of you who don't know me at all, and also for those of you who have known me just a little while.

This is me as an overweight teen, well over 200lbs, and hardly motivated to change that. Running was the single activity from P.E. class that I loathed more than anything, because I couldn't even do one 400m lap at the track

My official photo from the 2003 Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon - my first of 3 half marathons I've participated in so far in my life. I clearly had to change my attitude toward being active in order to do this, and lose 100lbs too. I was 22 at the time this photo was taken.

And then life happened, and you guessed it. I turned to food to help me feel better during tough times. I gained back all the weight I lost, and then some. I used to be ashamed of this fact. Now I've owned it, put it behind me, and I know I'll be fit for life. This is me at my lifetime heaviest weight of 275lbs in 2008, with my sweetheart Cam.

And here I am today, after losing 120lbs, regaining the figure I had at age 22.

And I think now I'm even better at running and more passionate about it too. Here's me excitedly preparing to go out for some hill repeats. I could be wrong but I might even look younger now at 30 than I did at 22. I sure feel that way!


  1. Zahida, no matter what size, you have a HUGE spirit! I am so happy for you and your transformation to health. I would love to start running again, but it is something I haven't done since my first child was bornm 9 years ago! Where did you start? Tips please!!

    Wishing you all the best with your blog!

    Hugs! Jill Simon-Sinclair (from Go Global)

  2. Hi Jill! Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I appreciate it a lot. If you used to run, your body will remember what it's like when you take it up again. At least that's what I found when I started running again. You might want to read this old blog post of mine called "getting started" for tips:

    But to sum it up, I'd suggest to start with small goals - run 2 minutes, walk 1, repeat for as long as you want. Run a lap at the track, walk the next. Etc. Or, sign up for a 5km race a few months away so are committed and you have something to work towards. Whether you end up running the whole thing or walking part of it, either way, you participated in an event and got yourself back into running - that'll keep you motivated!

    Thanks for following my blog - I plan on keeping it going!