Saturday, December 10, 2011

Want to Run With Zahida in 2012?

Do you have a fitness goal for 2012? Do you want to run a race and need some support getting there?

I'm just putting out feelers as I'd like to offer my services to one (or two) runners or aspiring runners in 2012. I would offer you personalized training advice, encouragement, but most importantly, be there to run with you, side-by-side, your pace, at a race of your choice in 2012*. I'll be there to help you pace to reach your goal time, offering you encouragement and high fives along the way. There would be no cost to you but I would want to blog about our experience together.
 This idea was inspired by the 12x12 project that I've applied to be part of. If my application gets accepted, our running together could be part of this larger project. This would mean that I'd also be receiving training advice and have an ultra-runner that I admire help me run my target distance (a full marathon). If not part of the project, it'd just be you and me, which would also be very cool. :-)

Comment on this blog entry below or email me at to let me know if you may be interested in running with me in 2012. Whether you know me well, know me a little, or have never met me, I'd love to run with you!

In early January 2012, I'll post more details on this so you can officially sign up! Stay tuned!

* Maximum race distance is 10km. Race location must be in Greater Vancouver and some exclusions on dates apply (i.e, if I'm already racing that day).


  1. Bummer, I'd love your help for a half marathon but at least I've got a keen mama and access to your blog/email if I need advice :) But Im gonna tell Monica about this - I think she would love it!

  2. Hey Jess - yes, please tell Monica! And let's stay in touch. My hesitations on anything above 10km for this 'project' is that recovery could adversely impact training I'm doing for bigger races. BUT, I'm not entirely opposed to the idea. It would depend on timing of the race and your goal race pace. I could make the exception for you. :) That said, you indeed have a great resource with your mom!

    Let's stay in touch and figure things out in January!

  3. I'm interested for sure!

    Given that Jess & I live in the same house... maybe we can figure out a running time once a week that we can all commit to or at least chat more about this in January?

  4. I am used to running by myself, so I may just invest in a great GPS watch somewhere down the road...we'll see. I cant even think about this stuff until after Christmas and NYE have passed..

  5. Monnie, I can't commit to running once a week with you and Jess. I have my own solo training to do, and I live on the North Shore. It'd be challenging to make this work.

    I'd be offering help at a race, and training advice along the way which might include one (or two) training runs together leading up to that race, but no more than that. Let's be in touch in January. :)

  6. No worries! My mistake :)

  7. This sounds like a neat idea! :)