Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This blog post is neither here nor there

Unlike posts of the past, this one has no real topic. I have just realized it's been a while since my last post. I have much to say, it's just not focused into a neat little package like usual. So please excuse the lack of focus, and my lack of topic.  Despite how "positively" I've described my post, I hope you still read it :-) I will be giving hints at some of my upcoming blog post topics so do read on!

Since the recent race, I took a few days rest and then jumped right back into training. It has been going well. It had been going well. I am not sure how I should phrase it (ie., what verb tense), but I'll get into why in a second. I have my next race coming up in just under 3 weeks, the Kamloops Half Marathon and I'm super excited. Then on top of that my next marathon is in October. While that's a while away, I'm anxious to build my mileage up slowly so that my bigger training runs get done comfortably. So yes, I jumped back into training, and all went well.

A highlight was going out for an 18km training run with the Team In Training group that are training for marathons happening right around when mine is. It's such a positive group of people to be with, and so great to run in a group where I know every member! I may not know them well, but well enough to enjoy their company and want to know more about them. Doing most of my training on my own, whenever I get a chance to run with others, I just love it. While running on my own is "me time" that I love, running with others is great social time. And it's amazing where the conversation goes and how much gets revealed! It's no wonder that running buddies often become best buddies. Last Saturday's GTS (Group Training Session) run was a great social outing. I'll definitely join the team for more runs in the future when I can make it happen. I'm so excited for the Kamloops race, as I'll be running with my friend, Sheila, who I met through Team In Training. And I truly miss my running buddy, Patti. While I see her regularly, I miss our runs together so much!

A lowlight, well, it's my reason for not knowing what verb tense to use to describe my training... I seem to be prone to these awful back injuries. Again I'm not sure what went wrong, but I'm in a considerable amount of discomfort at the moment. One moment I'm fine, the next, I'm not fine. And I can't identify the trigger. It's not pain like last time, but the soreness is in the same spot as last time. I had to miss my run today, obviously, and will tomorrow too. Hopefully I'll be back soon enough, hopefully by the end of the week or the weekend. I think it's a symptom of me doing too much too soon after race day. I took time off and then resumed training as if no time off was taken. I should have eased back in and gradually increased the mileage volume.  Oops. :-(

But as I can't do anything about my 20/20 hindsight, so it's better I react with foresight instead. I'm finally going to see a sports medicine specialist at North Shore Sports Medicine for some therapeutic massage, but to also help me assess why this injury is commonly happening for me and what I can do to strengthen and rebuild the area to prevent it from happening again. I'm telling you, nothing is getting in the way of my next marathon! I'll certainly blog about my sports medicine visit tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Another blog post that can be expected in the future is on my recent fitness assessment at the Peak Centre. I have a full consultation with a sports physiologist this coming weekend to help me understand my results and help me make the necessary changes to my training to maximize results. I'm really excited for this, as they've identified zones (heart rate and lactate) for me to use for training (my easy running pace and for speed work) and for race day itself so I don't experience fatigue prematurely on race day. They've also identified my unique carbohydrate and caloric needs during long runs so I can be sure to stay properly fueled. I'm ecstatic that the results of the test show that I'm off-the-charts fit (haha, I'm not bragging...it's really what it shows), somewhere between "excellent" and "elite athlete". I'm not fast, no, but I have the aerobic fitness to run for hours without fatigue as long as I'm smart about it (ie., the zones I run in are chosen well and if I'm keeping myself fueled and fed). I'm excited to play around with my training with scientific knowledge about my own body, how it works, and how it uses its energy. So again, stay tuned!

Being aware of both of the upcoming posts where I consult with experts in sports science reminds me of my own athleticism. The fitness assessment was a reminder of my athleticism. The way the guys at the place where I had my assessment talked to me about my upcoming marathon made me realize I'm an athlete too, just like them. They don't think of me any different. 

It's still weird to me. I'm getting used to it, but it's still a bit of a surprise at times. Like today I came across this photo on the left from the recent race. Clearly I know it's me, but I look at it and I see a confident runner really enjoying herself. And she looks pretty sporty and like she's been running a while and loves the sport. And I'm shocked at how her legs and arms look. I've had to look at it a few times to register that it is in fact me in the photo. That athlete girl is me. And the girl that's me is an athlete indeed.


  1. Amazing. You truly are so inspiring & I cannot wait to hear about your expert consults!

  2. Hey, I can call you Miss "Off-the-Charts" ! Ha ha! You were made for endurance sports, girl!!!