Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2 months to go!

It's well past my bedtime, so I'm going to keep this real short. I had to write something though, as I came to the realization this morning that it's exactly 2 months now until my next marathon - The GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon on October 7, 2012! For so long now, it's seemed incredibly far away. This is especially because for a few months, I had a race every month to look forward to. My last race was only about a week ago, but somehow it being August now, makes October feel so much closer.

What gets me is how I feel about the marathon this time around. Last time I was nervously excited at the prospect of running the distance. There were so many unknowns. I knew it would be hard, but I was excited for testing myself to see if I could achieve the seemingly impossible. Now I have the first one out of the way and experience on my side. I'm continuing to get faster and stronger, and have been training hard and smart. I've focused on getting stronger and building my endurance. And so, I am looking ahead at the marathon with more knowledge on what to expect, confidence that I'm even more capable than ever to complete the distance in good time, and eager expectation that I'm going to get 'er done, and get 'er done strong. Real strong.

More soon!

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