Saturday, October 6, 2012

Marathon Day Is Tomorrow

Well, here I am. One day before the big race. I feel good. Yes, a bit freaked out. I think no matter how many marathons I do, I'll remain a bit freaked out before each one. It's a long distance to run. It's going to be hard. But I'm the best prepared that I could be. And I have experience under my belt to know what this distance is all about. But this time, I don't have the doubts about crossing the finish that I did last time. I know I will do it, and I know I can get there much faster than last time. I've been smart, and I'm going to start my race smart. The hardest part of getting here is already over.

I've also been incredibly busy leading up to this race. So when I started my taper, rather than regretting how training went and wanting to do more, I welcomed the rest. And this last week or two with training mileage really low, I've had even more on my plate so I've had little time to (over)think the upcoming race. I'm therefore genuinely excited. Just ready to go. Ready to lace up, run my race, knowing that worrying myself won't accomplish anything. I believe in myself, and I know I'll succeed tomorrow.

I think the other thing is the fact that today is my Dad's birthday. He would have been 70 today, if he were still with us. It's been 5 years since the last time we celebrated a birthday with him. I'm not making a hugely public declaration of this, but all along, I decided that this race would be for Dad. He'd love that I'm doing something so positive, and he always told me how proud he was of me. If he could only see me now, and see the athlete and woman I have become over the last 5 years. I thought about pinning a photo of him to my shirt, but decided that instead, I'll simply wear his memory and his smile on my heart. And his words will be part of the mantra I repeat to myself during the race. Now if I only I would have inherited his long legs too!

I'm also so pleased with being back here in Victoria again for the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon. I hope to run this race annually, because there are so many reasons for this race to be special to me. Plus, the course is amazing, and the souvenir apparel and finisher medals are the most beautiful I've seen at any race. Victoria is Cam's hometown, so we have family here to see after the race (perhaps even during!). And last year's event was my intro back into endurance running - my first half marathon after a 7-year hiatus, and the reason why I started up this blog. It will always be special to me. It was the race that proved to me that I could be an athlete again, and a better one than ever. I can hardly believe that race was only a year ago. Since then, I've raced in 3 other half marathons and 1 full marathon. Tomorrow will be my 2nd marathon and 5th race of the year. This has been one very eventful year! I'm staying at the same hotel near the start line, cooked my same pre-race pasta meal, and am here with my favourite cheerleader. Great memories from last year's race are coming back.

I expect that this year's experience will add to the reasons why this race is so special, and more great memories will be made. You only run your 2nd marathon once! And it's a beautiful, sunny weekend here in Victoria, BC, and spirits are high! I was also very lucky to have had the chance to spend some quality time at the race expo, exhibiting for Team In Training. It really gets you in the mindset to race when you see so many runners coming in, excited to do the very same thing I'm excited to do! 

Can't wait to lace up! Stay tuned for my race report...


  1. Enjoy, kick ass, stay confident, start slow and be patience, and squeeze out every last bit of life you have in you and leave it all on the course.

  2. Thanks Mark! I'm going to listen to my own advice and start slow!!! That's the time to look at my watch and pay attention to pace, not to what others around me are doing!!

    I appreciate all your encouragement so much. Thank you!