Tuesday, December 11, 2012

30% of my goal

I'm getting right back into training hard again after a relaxing couple weeks since my last race. I'm easing my way back in so it's not too much too soon, given the time off, given that the next races aren't for about 6 weeks and 8 weeks respectively, and given my schedule and how I've been feeling physically. I think I pushed things a bit too far on one pair of running shoes, so it's time to take them out of rotation to see if it'll make a difference to my left foot that's caused me some significant pain the last few days. I am running less now and cross-training more to give my foot rest. Hopefully I will be able to increase my running days next week. 

I've started to think about increasing the mileage of my long runs when my foot allows, not just so I'm ready for my next half in February, but also so transitioning into full-on marathon training is a little easier. While that race feels far away, it'll get here soon, and I want to be the readiest possible. And the excitement for the race is already huge, especially since within a few weeks of trying hard, I'm at 30% of my fundraising goal, well on my way to raising $4000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada.

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my generous sponsors to date. I've been overwhelmed by support and have made some really great sales off my art prints. Then there are the friends and family members who've given so generously early on in my campaign, to give me a head start, and lift pressure off my shoulders. Thank you for supporting me and my journey, but most importantly, thank you for believing with me that a future without cancer is possible.

Without further delay, here are some of my amazing sponsors:

  • Cil: An absolutely beautiful woman, teacher, and mother. I met Cil when we were in the Teacher Education program at UBC and we got super close back then. I've been lucky enough to connect with Cil a few times since then despite our geographic distance. I've always been blown away for Cil's strength of character, her unrelenting love for her family and friends, and the way she's never shy to support those around her who need it. You've always been there for me. Thank you!
  • Kristy: I haven't seen Kristy in person in a few years, but we've stayed in contact via social media after working together at UBC years ago. Kristy is an incredible woman, mother to the cutest kid ever, and today I learned the details of her health journey. Both Kristy and her husband, Marty, have had an incredible journey to health very much like my own. I'm thrilled to have them in my network, because they truly get what an accomplishment this is. The 3 of us have so much to be proud of. Thank you for your support, kindness, and congratulations!!!
  • Carolle: Carolle is an incredible woman too! The mother of Francois, my brother-in-law we lost about 15 years ago, and a mother-figure to my sister. Carolle, thank you for all your love, all your kindness, for truly being there for my sister, and for being such an important part of our family. Merci beaucoup!
  • Saeed: Saeed is my cousin whom I've mentioned here before, and on my Team In Training page. Saeed's personal journey with lymphoma is one I am looking forward to learning more about over the coming months. It will help me further my understanding of the work LLS is doing. And I look forward to reconnecting in person to run this race with him. Thank you, Saeed, for allowing me to do this race in your honour, and I am so excited for this journey together. 
  • Christian: One of my awesome colleagues at LLSC whose smiling face is one I look forward to seeing at the office. Thank you for all you do in the office behind the scenes to enhance the work we do, and for your history with the organization and commitment to the mission. You seriously rock!
  • Matt: What can I say, Matt, you're one of my closest friends, and someone I know I can always count on. We met at a concert because of our mutual appreciation for the Canadian band, Sloan. The rest is history, but Matt continuously amazes me with his friendship. Thank you! 
Thank you!!!

If you wish to sponsor me, and contribute to lifesaving cancer research, please visit: www.tinyurl.com/runwithzahida



  1. My sweet friend...you are adorable, and I love your huge heart...anyone that knows you knows that you are the most amazing person ever...keep doing what you do....I will keep donating...Love you, sweets!!!!

  2. Hi Zahida,

    I've started checking out your blog because I've started becoming more interested in running (but was scared to tell you for some weird reason! LOL). Anyway, what a pleasant surprise to read your comment about me and Marty here. Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm very happy to support you and this cause. I also hope to talk to you more about running soon. I'm very early in my quest to be a runner so thought I would start looking at your posts to familiarize myself more with running.

    Take care and talk soon,


  3. Thank you so much Kristy, for visiting my humble little running blog. I'd love to sit down and chat with you sometime. Then we can catch up fully. And I am not just saying this to be nice - I actually mean it. :) It's been too long. In the meantime, I'll message you my phone number privately so we can at least either talk on the phone, or sort out a time where we can chat in person. Would love to know what your goals are and we talk about how you might achieve those.