Saturday, February 9, 2013

Between the races

There has been a lengthier pause between blog entries than I had planned. It's partially due to a busy schedule, and partially because I have so much to say these days, it's hard to just sit down and focus on one topic. 

Quickly I'll summarize my training status as it's going very well. I'm continuing to be able to say that I feel "stronger than ever". Every day I work hard, and I am seeing and feeling results. 

Lindsay has me on a new routine again for my weight training, and everything is pointing in the direction of progress. I was noticing larger numbers on the scale than I'm used to yet clothing fitting better than ever and people commenting to me that I look like I've lost weight, or that I look more athletic. I determined that I had burned fat and gained muscle, and given the weight/density differential between fat and muscle, that was why I had gained weight. But of course knowing my history, it did freak me out a little. This isn't a weight-loss blog anyway, so it's ok that I gained a bit. Or so I told myself to feel better. Stepping on a body composition scale further reinforced that everything is actually very positive. I'm down 2% body fat content, meaning I'm way up in lean muscle content, and measurements show I'm slimmer everywhere as a result! Well, my shoulders are larger from all my upper body work, but everywhere is else is showing a leaner, meaner me.  I definitely feel a difference when I'm running too - much stronger posture.

And now I find myself between races. I'm starting to think about my current training as training for my next marathon, in June. I did a short distance race in January, the Steveston Ice Breaker 8km race. I neglected to write a race report simply because it took up until now to see my official results. They're in now finally, and I'm pleased with what I see. You'll have to wait for my race report for the details. But it was a really fun race for me, and a neat challenge, trying to hold an uncomfortably fast pace in the cold weather, with brisk air hard to breathe in at that pace, sustained over 8km. I experienced such a runner's high after that one, and I'll definitely be incorporating short distance races into my training moving forward. Just have to pick a few more and see how I can make them fit. This one was tricky to fit in as I was 2 weeks away from tomorrow's race and in need to squeak in one last long run. I was stuck taking a day off work to get it in the day after I raced, and that was hard to do! My legs were sore to begin the long run, rather than rested. But I feel it must have done me good.

Tomorrow I run my second race, but my first half marathon of the year: the "First Half" Half Marathon. Surprisingly, I've not given it much thought. My eyes are focused on the marathon, I suppose. I have trained specifically for this race, but it took up until now to look at a course map and learn where the start of the race is. I'm starting to get excited and starting to think about how it's time to cook my pasta and think about turning in tonight early. I hope to write here on Monday with my race report. Maybe both race reports even! We'll see!

Here are some blog posts you can expect in the near future:

- "Race Report" from the Steveston Icebreaker 8km race
- "Race Report" from the 'First Half' Half Marathon race
- Interview with Team In Training honoured teammate, Marie-Chantal
- Interview with my cousin, Saeed - one of my personal honourees for my Team In Training journey

If you wish to sponsor me as I train for my next marathon, please visit my online fundraising page. My goal is to raise $5000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada

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