Thursday, May 30, 2013

San Diego, here I come!

This time tomorrow, I'll be en route to San Diego! I thought before taking on the big task of packing for this trip, I'd write a quick blog post. I am so excited for this race, this trip, and everything about the experience, yet somehow it doesn't feel real. Perhaps it won't until the plane touches down at the San Diego airport tomorrow. I don't even think packing today will help. Although I must say, after months of thinking about this trip, I'm excited to finally pack. Packing for a trip that involves a race is much more complicated than packing for any other trip, as there's a few more items and considerations to make. Everything I will need for race day needs to be in my carry-on bag. And then whatever else I'll need for the week and my vacation, in the other bag. I'll be making my list, and obsessively checking it twice before packing my bags and then checking them thrice.

My third marathon is around the corner, and I'm ready! The training is all in the bank - time to go spend it on Sunday morning!

In case some of you missed it, Megan and I were featured in last weekend's North Shore News. Take a look here.

I want to quickly acknowledge my supporters today. I have been absolutely overwhelmed with community and love leading up to this moment and I can't thank you enough. This race has meant so much to me on multiple levels, as it's both another try at a strong marathon finish as a race, but also the event itself, the Team In Training experience, the fundraising for LLSC, and the pending reunion with family in San Diego, and the California vacation with Cam. It's going to be a special trip on so many levels, and so many wonderful people helped me get there. You can all expect a much more personal thank you upon my return, but in the meantime, I don't want to get on the plane without acknowledging you here:

  • To every single one of my sponsors, to all who attended the fundraiser, who purchased art prints, or who generously made a donation toward my fundraising efforts, thank you! With your help, I raised over $5000 for blood cancer research! Some of you, I haven't (or hadn't at the time) met in person before you opened up your hearts and wallets to this cause. Thank you for being part of this TNT journey with me.
  • To my Team, while I may not have trained with you much at all, you were very much my Team, my crew, and such huge moral support, and such fun people to be around. Megan, it's been so fun going on this entire journey with you, one of my dearest friends! And Chrystal, I loved working all those craft markets with you. We're going to rock it this weekend! And I look forward to our after-party!
  • To my coach John, my personal trainer Lindsay, our TNT coaches Albert and Sherry, advice-offering friends such as Joe, David, and Humphrey (the bestest pace-bunny I could ask for), and to everyone in my Tuesday interval group  - thank you for pushing and challenging me, and for helping me feel more physically and mentally prepared for this race than any other race I have trained for. I have never felt fitter, younger, physically stronger, mentally tougher, or more capable in my life. While nothing can ensure all variables of a marathon will go in your favour, I have a "quiet confidence" about this one.  
  • And to my beautiful family, friends, and blog followers, for always believing in me, no matter how big a dream I set my eyes on. I seem to always make these dreams come true, thanks to you! I hope in some way, I have been able to return the favour.
Love Zahida

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