Sunday, December 21, 2014

BCPTI Graduation and Two Awesome Races in 2015

I've not posted since November 1st. My goal for this blog is to be done with such long gaps in writing. I have just finished what was the busiest 6 weeks I've had in a long while as I enrolled to complete the certification course at the British Columbia Personal Training Institute (BCPTI) which started November 10th and wrapped up only yesterday. I suspected I'd be challenged at finding time to write with still working full time, taking the course, doing my readings, assignments and practicum, while still finding time to work out 5x per week and spend time with family. But I'm done now, and what a great ride it was! I'm a little sore from yesterday's workouts, but not at all exhausted or drained from all the hours I spent "on" with little break these last 6 weeks. In fact, it's the opposite - I feel inspired and excited for my future and the next step of my career. It was a great course where I learned a ton from experts in the fitness industry. I write my exam in early January, and pending all goes according to plan on that day, I will then be officially certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer! 

With one of my amazing teachers, Shelley

I took this course for many reasons, but mostly because I really want to enjoy the rewards of helping others change their life through fitness, in the same way that fitness changed my life forever. I still look in the mirror at times and can't believe who I see. I get absolutely inspired every time I learn of someone who wants to make their own change, and I know how hard and scary that journey can be. I know I can assist others, but the missing piece was the knowledge. I'm well on my way now and I'm hungry to learn more and more so I have more tools and knowledge at my disposal to assist others. 

And also as a runner, I know full-well about muscle imbalances that can be caused from running alone, and I also know how a strength training routine has improved my running form, posture, endurance, and not to mention, it's helped me sculpt a body I never thought I could have to make me feel confident wearing short running shorts! 

So what's next for me as an athlete? I've been working hard to restore the strength in my calf at the gym and its endurance to run long after a muscle tear this summer and I am ready to up things again. The longest I've run is 16km, but part of that has been restrictions on time rather than anything else. So with January around the corner and my course complete, I will have more training time again. I've started to register for races in 2015, starting with the Icebreaker 8km in Steveston in February. 

But I would LOVE for you to run with me at a race or two next year. There's a couple special runs out there I want you to register for TODAY!
  • Whether you are new to running and want a short distance race to set a goal toward or you are a seasoned runner and you want to race 5km or 10km fast, the West Van Run is a great option! Race registration is very reasonable, and if you join my team, Run With Zahida, you can register with a 15% discount! Just enter discount code "@artbyzahida" (my Twitter handle - don't forget the @) and voila!
  • I'm back again as Ambassador for the BMO Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run, my absolute favourite half marathon. Register before Dec 31st to save and set a resolution to start training for this in January. This will be my first half marathon since June 2014, and I'm so excited to return to this race for my 4th year in a row. It's a race that's super scenic and an absolute blast to run! You do not want to miss this!
So what are you waiting for? Register and come join me!!!

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