Friday, March 3, 2017

The Fools Run is Coming!

In approximately 1 month, comes the 40th Annual BMO Sunshine Coast April Fools Run. This year will be my 6th year in a row participating in the event! I couldn’t be more excited to be part of it again. You likely know, this is my favourite half marathon. But you might also know that the half marathon isn’t always my favourite distance. So why do I keep coming back?
  • Location location location! This is an excellent excuse to explore a bit more of BC. Come on, let’s face it, there are only so many running routes in Vancouver we’ve all done 100 times. So how about something a little different? I love the feeling of running from one city to another. It’s kind of badass! So how about two towns you aren’t familiar with? The Fools Run starts in Gibsons and finishes at a beautiful beach location in Sechelt. Hard to beat that, if you ask me! The nice thing though is that this getaway can easily be accomplished in an affordable day trip with no car necessary because of start times chosen with ferry schedules in mind, and shuttle buses to get you where you need to be.  
  • Accessible race entry fee – You don’t have to break the bank to attend. It’s not one of those races that charge everyone for the all-inclusive package. If you don’t want a shirt, you don’t have to buy one. In fact, if you get your act in gear and register early, you could do so for as little as $25. Talk about exceptional value. One of the factors that prevents me from running more half marathons is often the cost of events. Luckily this one is one that’s affordable to all.
  • Small community hospitality – Perhaps this is something you have to experience to really get what I mean here. But when you run the Fools Run, you’ll be thrilled with the friendliness of everyone you meet from the shuttle bus drivers, volunteers, spectators, and business owners in the community. And I have to mention that the race organizers, Teresa and Larry Nightingale are class-act, down-to-earth people who know how to organize a great event.
  • Something for everyone – The race is a half marathon, but there is a menu of options for being part of it. Elite runners always come to the event and it’s inspiring to find out how much quicker they got to the finish line than you did (haha!). It’s part of the Lower Mainland Road Race Series, if you’re collecting points. You can run half marathon or opt to do an early start if you want to walk the whole event and not be pressured by time constraints. There are relay options if you want to share the experience with a team. AND, there’s an adorable little kids run too for the little guys to get in on the fun.
  • Fun factor! Even when I’ve been somewhat serious about my results (I’m no elite, but my personal best half marathon from 2013 still stands from this race) I am always guaranteed to have fun. I always end up meeting someone new, whether it be on the ferry, the shuttle bus, an offered ride home, a post-race lunch I’m invited to, or at the finish line festivities. There’s always great conversation with fellow runners on the course, costumes to check out, teams to cheer on, elites to be in awe of. And every year, I’ve managed to bring out some friends to join in the fun and introduce them to this great event.

Will you join me this year?
40th Annual BMO Sunshine Coast April Fools Run
Sunday, April 2nd, 2017
Register before March 15th to save at

Post AFR 2013 where I got my personal best!


  1. This will be my 2nd half marathon. I'm actually travelling from Halifax to run it - my inlaws live in Sechelt, which is how I came to know about the run. My 74 year old mother is also coming with me and will be walking it as her first EVER race. She's currently training hard with some serious mall walks :)

  2. Hi Andy. Thanks for reading! SO glad to hear you're giving this race a shot. A 2nd half marathon is a very special thing. And a first at 74 is also very inspiring! Congrats to you both! Have a wonderful trip, and don't be shy to say hi at the event. BC is beautiful, so hope you get to enjoy it to its fullest.