Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Running in the 3rd Trimester

Well, baby and I are now 30 weeks along and I'm pleased to say that we're still running! I did a little stats check yesterday, and my mileage in my 1st trimester was about half what I was doing pre-pregnancy, and through the 2nd and 3rd trimester to date it has been cut further to about 1/3 what I was doing pre-pregnancy. I think the cut was more to do with my taking on other activities like dance, yoga, and swimming as I would argue running was easiest in the 2nd trimester. But anyway the stats are more for perspective, I don't run often or far, relative to what I'd normally do, but I still run. Oh, and there's nothing fast about it! I am running about 2-3 times a week, around 5-8km each time (more often 5km than anything). But my expectation was never to run at the same level as I had been, but to simply run to maintain fitness and for mental and physical well-being.

I would say that little has changed since the 2nd trimester so far. But I'm only a couple weeks into this 3rd and final trimester so it's a little premature to assume it will continue to be this easy. The main difference now is that the baby is now steadily gaining weight so my tummy will be growing in both girth and weight this next while, so running should get more difficult. My attitude remains the same though, that I'll only run as long as it's comfortable and makes sense. Whether that be another day, week, or 10 weeks, only time will tell.

Yesterday I was interviewed by Christine Blanchette who manages and hosts a show about running called Run With It. I was a guest of hers in her very first season, and it was a great honour to be asked to come back as a returning guest now that Run With It is in its 5th season.

Here's the video from season 1 

Christine and I bumped into one another at the BMO Vancouver Marathon in May when I crossed the finish line of the 8km race. The race was featured on the show for a brief segment and I made it into a brief soundbite (click here for the video). Christine then followed up with me to invite me to return as a featured guest in a future episode. So yesterday we met up for my interview and what a blast it was. Stay tuned for the episode which will air in September. We are talking about running through pregnancy which is a topic I'm currently journeying through and rather passionate about. Of course, there's a whole pile of stuff I wish I remembered to say in the interview, but I think I shared a lot of helpful tips. Look forward to sharing with you and getting your feedback.

Christine and I chatting and selfie-ing before the interview.
After our interview, I took advantage of being in the Coal Harbour area and ran a little 5km on the seawall before coming home.

So this weekend is a little free community event happening in Kitsilano - the KitsFest 5km - which I plan on running. I'm not planning too far ahead of that, except to continue to plan on running and to commit to at least giving it a try but with permission to walk if I wish.


  1. Love following this journey of yours - you are doing SO so awesome! You're 31 weeks now and still running and I've been grateful a few times for your pregnancy slowing you down so that I can keep up with you! <3 Thanks so so much for the invite to run yesterday - I always have an awesome time chatting about all things life and running with you! And those walkers at the 5k were in complete awe and respect of you running! You're amazing !!

  2. Thanks so much Monica!!! It's been great running with you and having a partner and motivation to get out there. It's not easy having to go so much slower (mentally and physically) but you make it fun. I went for a long walk after our run together and it was a bad idea. I felt very achy and tired. So I'll go a lot easier my next run in order to determine if it was because I overdid it in general that day or if I need to stop running.